Many people are continuing to create new content for the Babylon 5 Wars game system. Some of this new develpoment is meant to extend or supplement existing material, filling in the missing races or historical time periods of the Babylon 5 universe. Others have developed exciting new races and backgrounds.

Do you have a project that you would like listed in this project listing? If so send an e-mail to with a description of your project, URL (if available), and any concept or finished art relating to your project.

Babylon 5 Projects

The Free Human Union    The Free Human Union

The Free Human Union (FHU) is a Babylon 5 expansion detailing the Free Human Union, a separate non-EA Human state operating out of a group of former-Centauri systems. FHU designs and technologies provide an interesting look at ways that other Human groups free of EA control could have developed.

Non-Babylon 5 Projects

The Escalation Wars    The Escalation Wars

Tyrel Lohr's Escalation Wars universe provides new aliens, ships and technologies for use with the Babylon 5 Wars game system. The Escalation Wars universe is presented through a series of full-size supplements, each covering a different area of the universe's history.