Below is a comprehensive listing of all the B5W Conversions currently available. Has the Earth/Minbari War become a little stale? Have the League gotten old? Spice up your games by pitting your tried and true Babylon 5 races up against the likes of Cylons, Star Destroyers, and Kirk.

Star Trek Conversions    Planetside Star Trek Conversions

The largest Star Trek conversion with ships from all of the Star Trek series. The Planetside Star Trek conversion includes ships and rules for all of the major Star Trek races. The conversion also includes ships from other Star Trek licenses, such as FASA and SFB.

FA Star Trek Conversions

A large assortment of Star Trek ship conversions for the Fleet Action game system by Alex Roberts.

Star Wars Conversions    Ben Rubery's Star Wars Conversions

By far the largest Star Wars conversion to date, Ben Rubery's Star Wars conversion provides an assortment of Star Wars craft for across the spectrum. The conversion is currently undergoing a revision so not all units are fully updated, but that shouldn't stop you from getting your feet wet with these ships from "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away."

Battle Spoo

Todd Boyce created a small set of Star Wars conversions in 2001. These conversions, although not as extensive as other conversions, do offer another perspective and approach to converting Star Wars craft into the Babylon 5 Wars game system.

Battlestar Galactica Conversions    Battle Spoo

Todd Boyce's Battlestar Galactica Wars conversion is the de facto Battlestar Galactica Conversion. Having gone through several iterations thus far, the conversion offers numerous Colonial and Cylon units for play. New designs are also available to flesh out both forces. The time and effort put into the conversion is evident and the art produced for some of the newe designs is exquisite.

Andromeda Conversions    Andromeda Development Group

These Andromeda conversions, done by J. Cunningham, are based on the original tech specs and concept descriptions posted on the Andromeda website before the series aired. Being based on this background information the Andromeda conversion is much more consistent than even the series became.