Titan Class Missile Cruiser

Last updated on 2/19/98

The Titan class missile cruiser was created as a fleet fire support vessel for general fleet engagements. The design sacrificed jump drive technology as a cost cutting move, which was justified by the opinion that this vessel would never be used on an individual basis. A fine notion in theory, but in operational use the lack of jump drives on vessels so dependent on forward re-supply proved tactically difficult. In fact the Titan class was ultimately curtailed when an improved design was offered to the admiralty which made use of existing shipyard assets while incorporated much of the original hull design.

Ultimately, the Titan would perform its tour of duty beside the new Hyperion Class Heavy Cruiser which replaced it on the slipways.


View the Control Sheet of the Titan Class Missile Cruiser


  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Tokyo
  • Los Angeles
  • Moscow
  • Sidney
  • Chicago
  • Seoul
  • Kiev
  • Delhi
  • Bangkok
  • London
  • Budapest
  • Leningrad
  • Madrid
  • Berlin
  • Copenhagen
  • Dallas


    Basically, this design is based on a smaller Hyperion type hull layout. The jump dive and the center main thrust are deleted. Pulse cannons replace the plasma cannons and the side structures and weapons are removed. Missile racks are installed and one of the three particle beams is moved to a rear track only position. Fighters were removed in favor of missile storage and primary components reduced to match energy requirements and the basic downsizing of the Hyperion hull.

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