Tiger Space Superiority Fighter

Last updated on 2/20/98

The Tiger was Earth Forces premier fighter going into the Dilgar war. Tough and maneuverable, the Tiger's only real weakness was a somewhat questionable weapons package. Still, the Tiger was at least the equal of any other known major race fighters and clearly superior to anything in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds inventory. Tiger pilots were the crème of Earth Force and very little was expected to be able to stand up to a large sweep of Tigers.

The Tiger had been the mainstream fighter for several years when the Dilgar war began. All fleet units were equipped with Tiger squadrons with only minor rim-ward systems still carried older versions.

Earthforce got a big shock when they began to engage the Dilgar. Initial intelligence reports from the League had indicated the quality of the Dilgar fighter but Earth Force Intelligence had discredited much of the reports on the basis that the League was not fighter oriented and thus tended to blow fighter effectiveness reports out of proportion. Earth Alliance task force commanders quickly brought back the truth. Not only did the Dilgar bring carrier and fighter tactics equal to those employed by Earthforce but the Dilgar fighter was clearly superior to the Tiger.



Pulse Gun

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The Tiger name is based on the Earthforce Sourcebook by Chameleon Eclectic. The statistics for the Tiger were generated to produce an acceptable fighter that would be clearly the inferior to the Dilgar fighter without being a complete target in combat. Other than a slight reduction in armor and structure, the real difference is the Tiger's -3 per hex to-hit versus the -2 per hex to-hit for the Dilgar's fighter. This allows the Dilgar to out range the Tiger, thus destroying it before the Tiger can close. Once in tight, the difference is less significant and the Tiger should be able to hold its own.

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