Nova Class Dreadnought

Last updated on 2/19/98

The Nova Class Dreadnought certainly takes after the original Royal Navy "Dreadnought" and it has the distinction of being Earth Alliance's first capitol class vessel. Mounting an impressive and highly visible all big gun armament, this design very clearly indicates to any that view it that this is a ship of war and should be given a wide birth. Unfortunately, the Nova does suffer from a number of design defects. Slow and ponderous, its engine systems are under powered for the bulk of that many weapons and that much armor. Its primary weapons, the 18 turreted Twin Pulse Cannons, while still capable of pounding smaller vessel into scrap have begun to be replaced by smaller and faster firing versions of the pulse cannon.

Ultimately, the newer Hyperion class heavy cruiser replaced the Nova class. But the Nova soldiers on as the primary surface support vessel for the Earth Alliance ground forces.


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    When I first saw this vessel I thought "WOW, Now that's a dreadnought! With all those guns it must be a powerhouse. But looks must be deceiving. If it was so good why replace it with the Hyperions and Omegas? The television series and the first movie would seem to indicate that the Hyperion and the Omega are the primary frontline vessels. So far, only a few Nova's have been seen and the main one appeared to be employed as a troop support vessel (Orbital Bombardment?)

    The obvious answer is that it's early generation technology must be just that. Too early and too antiquated to be front line in the modern era. The oversized weapon turrets may be nothing more than original pulse cannon technology, merely lacking miniaturization. No other ships having large turreted weapons like the Nova's. The Twin Plasma idea on K. Dague's design struck me as just to powerful for a ship of this era. Therefore, I created the Twin Pulse Cannon. A large pulse weapon with a slightly heavier punch than a basic pulse cannon but with less sophisticated targeting system and a slower rate of fire (in terms of number of pulses).

    Noting that the hull of the Nova went on to form the basis of the Omega, I left much of the armor the same as the Omega. Engines and maneuverability were reduced to reflect older, less efficient drive and thruster systems, which were improved in the Omega. Structures (Port, Starboard and Primary) were reduced due to the lack of the massive spin body on the Omega. General sophistication (i.e. Sensors) of equipment was also reduced. The number of C&C boxes was set below that of the Hyperion since it was the Hyperion class leading the Task Force in "In the Beginning" (indicating better Command and Control). Fighter compliment was set at 6 based on the assumption that the large number of turreted weapons and a less efficient reactor encroached on available room. And finally, I added Mark I interceptors on the basis that "Dreadnought" class vessels would be some of the earliest vessels fitted with this system.

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