New Early Years Weapons

Last updated on 2/19/98

 Twin Pulse Cannon

The original big gun of the Earth Alliance fleet, the Twin Pulse Cannon fires fewer, but more destructive pulses than the standard pulse cannon. Housed in a massive turret, the system has the advantage of more armored protection then typical Earth Alliance Weapon Systems.

Weapon Specification

Damage: 12d2 times
Range Penalty: -1 per hex
Fire Control: +3/+2/+0
Intercept Rating: -1
Recharge: 3 Turns
Power: 3

Special Notes: This is a Pulse Weapon.

 Ship Killer Missile System

The earliest long-range arm of the Earth Alliance fleet, the Missile System has since been retired from active deep space duty. The primary reason was that as the Earth Alliance grew, its ability to replenish in space became more and more daunting. Ships on the fringes of known space could not rely on consumable weapon systems, which could leave a vessel fighting a foe with its primary weapon system depleted. Thus the missile system was ultimately relegated to local planetary defense where maintenance and supply were closer at hand.

The Missile System has a number of new rules, which are discussed. They include variable rates of fire which effect to-hit rolls, range limitations and special rules on magazine size and critical hits.

Weapon Specification

Damage: 20 (2x10 point rakes)
Maximum Range: 30 Hexes
Fire Control: +2/+2/-4
Intercept Rating: N/A
Recharge: 1 Turns
Power: 1 (Represents Basic Fire Control and Electronics)

Special Notes: This is a missile system which follows a new set of missile rules.

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