Last updated on 2/20/98


Most of the technology existing in modern Babylon 5 existed during the Dilgar war. The major differences were in the sophistication of the systems in question. In the case of weapon systems, the fire control systems were more primitive and the overall damage potential reduced due to less efficient power sources and less robust materials of construction. To that end, several existing weapon systems from the Basic Rules have been reviewed and reduced to a less modern equivalent.

A number of systems also existed that are no longer a part of the modern Earth Alliance fleet. These weapons were dropped for one reason or another from the modern ships constructed during the Babylon 5 era.

Order of Battle

The Earth Alliance carried a number of ships during the war with the Dilgar. The Nova and Hyperion are the best know but there was also the Titan Missile Cruiser, the Avenger Class Assault Carrier, the Wolf Class System Patrol Boat and the many other support vessels used to carry the war into Dilgar space. Here are the beginnings of those vessels that gave Earth Alliance its first great space victory.

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