Deathwing Strike Fighter

Last updated on 2/20/98

The Deathwing was the Dilgar's primary fighter before and during the Dilgar Invasion. A superior design, it outclassed every other fighter involved in the war and it proved especially unpleasant surprise to the Earth Alliance fighter crews. In fact, its design became the basis for the new Earth Force Starfury fighter. Fast and agile, the Deathwing carried one of the more effective early fighter mounted weapons in two, linked Particle Discharge Gun's.

The Deathwing was the Dilgar's ace in the hole. A fast hard-hitting fighter that caught the entire League unprepared. Squadrons of these fighters ripped ship after ship from the sky. The League's combined naval forces were unable to adequately screen their heavy vessels having based their fleets on capital ship only engagements. Even the entry of the Earth Alliance did not diminish the success of this fighter, thought the Fighter oriented Earth Alliance command and fleet structure was far more capable of defending itself.



Particle Discharge Gun

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The Deathwing is basically a Starfury that has been down powered. This assumption was based on the statement in the basic rulebook about Starfuries being adaptation of the Dilgar fighters and the resulting time that has passed which would have allowed the Starfury to be improved.

The Deathwing is the basis for my whole Dilgar order of battle. Its existance when compared to the League of Non-Aligned Worlds apparent lack of fighters created a situation where one government could attack many. The fighter basic attrition nature of fighters allows the Dilgar to maintain force levels throught easily produce fighters versus expensive and long-term capital ship construction.

Only when the Earth Alliance entered the war did the Dilgar realize that it needed capital ship class firepower since they finally faced a foe which could effectively compete at the fighter level. Thus, the Deathwing was never really improved over the course of the war as limited design assets were used to modify existing hulls versus developing all new systems.

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