Mashakur Class Dreadnought

Last updated on 2/17/98

The Mashakur Class Dreadnought (Mashakur meaning Great Death) was a late war experiment on a heavily modified Reava Class Strike Carrier hull. Its development was rushed into service following the appearance of Earth Alliance vessels on the side of the League of Non-Allied Worlds. Meant to provide heavier fleet firepower, this vessel represented the heaviest direct fire combat unit of the Dilgar Strike Fleet. At the center of a Dilgar fleet, the Mashakur proved quite capable of handling an old style Hyperion Class Heavy Cruiser or Nova Class Dreadnought provided it made maximum use of its Heavy Bolters which, out ranged the Earth Alliance's lighter plasma and pulse weapons. Equally impressive, its light weapons fit is extensive, covering all angles with heavy overlapping fields of fire.

The increased weapons fit did, however, come at a significant reduction in fighter load out with only six fighters being carried to the Reava’s original 36.


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The desire for the Dilgar Dreadnought was a vessel capable of mixing it up with the Hyperions and Novas. Probably capable of defeating a Hyperion in a straight one on one, this vessel should give a good account of itself against the nova, provided it can keep the range open to limit the greater firepower of the Nova's 18 Twin Pulse Cannons.

Ship performance (i.e. turning, rolling and accelerating) is on par with the Hyperion and better than the Nova. Fighter load out is the same based on the fact that this vessel was created in the hopes of matching Earth Alliance heavy units. So a reduction to 6 fighters is equal to the Earth vessels and probably slightly better due to the Dilgar's better fighters.

I have no play test information on this vessel and thus changes are bound to be necessary. Take it for a flight and let me know.

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