Reava Class strike Carrier

Last updated on 2/19/98

The Reava class, strike carrier led the initial strikes against elements of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Capable of delivering 36 of the Deathwing strike fighters, the Reava caught the League unprepared for fighter combat on that scale. With limited heavy weapons, the Reava relies on escort vessels and its own fighters to carry the battle. An extensive array of defensive weapons provides needed interception of incoming fire and opposing enemy light units and fighters. The lightly armored hull of the Reava makes for a surprisingly nimble vessel but when caught stalked by opposing heavy units the Reava is left with little option but to run.


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What would be considered a large carrier for early years of Babylon 5. There have been discussions that the Omega could be considered a carrier b virtue of its 24 fighters. Agents of Gaming mentioned in the basic rule book  "…large fleet carriers capable of launching nearly 100 fighters…" That is certainly a large carrier but what constitutes large in the early years. The Hyperion carries 6, the Omega and Sharlin 24 and everyone else's cruisers carry approximately 12. But it’s the Hyperion, which is claimed to be one of the oldest, and thus the best basis for what would constitute a lot of fighters in this time period. A simple comparison of its 6 versus the Reava's 36 clearly would lead to the claim that the Reava is a large carrier.

Thus I designed the Reava around 36 fighters following a mixed path of current U.S. Navy and Russian Navy styles. I.e. a large fighter force mixed with a weapon load out that is not purely defensive in nature. Its armor is rather light but it can stand in fight though it would be a dangerous mix. Heavy armament is a mixed bag. Its there to be used but the platform is to valuable to loose so the player must pick and choose when to through it into combat.

Again, there has been no playtesting of this design. I just don't have the time to do more than this. Somebody give it a try and let me know.

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