Duval Class Light Carrier

Last updated on 2/19/98

The Duval class light carrier was the standard centerpiece of a Dilgar task force. The basic design was that of a Shalur Class Assault Cruiser with a new hull section added on two the end. The added space created the room necessary for a large hanger bay and a jump engine. Fast and maneuverable Duval carried three full squadrons of Deathwing strike fighters. Lightly armored like its larger sister the Reava, the Duval likewise relies on fighters and escorts to win the day.

The Duvals made the earliest attacks on the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Starting with the smaller fringe worlds, Duval lead task forces made easy work of the defending forces. Reava lead forces directly assaulted larger systems while Duvals attacked shipping and interdicted reinforcements and supply. A Duval carrier was involved in the first major engagement between Earth Alliance and the Dilgar.


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The Dilgar attempted to take a number of worlds from the League of Non-Aligned worlds. They must have realized that as there attacks progressed more and more members of the League would begin to send ships to confront them, if for no other reason than to stop their advances from reaching their own home worlds. So, ultimately, the Dilgar would be facing the combined militaries of several worlds. To that end the Dilgar must have standardized their hull designs to simplify and speed construction. Thus the Duval, the Shalur and the Sturm are all based on the same hull. The Duval and the Sturm including an additional hull module attached to the basic Shalur hull. Work on any of these three hulls could be done in the same slipways. Duvals and later Sturms were easily inserted into the existing Shalur construction line.

The basic theory of the Shalur is the same as the Reava. Bring more fighters to the party then anyone else. Armor is minimal, as is the offensive punch, though the bolter can out range any of the Earth Alliance weapons. A typical Duval lead strike force in the earliest engagements would have been a Duval and two Shalur. Later, once the Earth Alliance was involved, a strike force would be a Duval, a Sturm and 3 Shalur.

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