Sturm Class Cruiser

Last updated on 2/19/98

The Sturm Cruiser is the stable mate to the Duval class light carrier as the Mashakur Dreadnought is to the Reava Strike Carrier. Developed on the same hull as the Duval, the Sturm sacrifices fighter compliment for more armor and weapons.

Roughly equivalent to the Hyperion, the Sturm was developed soon after the entry of the Earth Alliance. The League worlds had been unwilling or unable to seriously strike back at the Dilgar, preferring to defend its existing holdings from further losses. Thus the Dilgar required only fighters and the non-jump capable Shalur to defend its new holdings. But when Earth Force entered the fray, they vigorously began to probe the Dilgar's defenses and holdings. Sending lone Hyperion cruisers on deep forays, they attempted scout out Dilgar holdings.

The Dilgar, with only its Carriers the only jump capable ships needed a scout cruiser of its own to interdict Earth Alliance deep space scouts. Using the basic Duval hull, the Dilgar again sacrificed fighter compliment for heavy gun power and armor. With this vessel the Dilgar could match Earth Force in distant places and conduct thier own deep scouting missions without expending the high priority carriers.


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This is the basic Dilgar warship to match the Earth Hyperion. I realize that the likelihood of two races concurrently designing nearly equivalent cruiser is quite rare. Especially considering the lack of contact between the two races in question. But I like the idea of the classic ship duel. In addition, a true deep space scout must have jump drives so it doesn't have to rely on known jump gates. A few fighters would be carried to expand system patrol but basically the cruiser is the scout. It needs to be able to take care of itself without over reliance on expendable fighters, considering its remoteness from fleet re-supply.

The League of Non-Aligned worlds seems more interested in existing holdings and their defense, so the Dilgar didn't initially need a deep scout. They knew where the enemy was and the League was only interested in holding planets and fixed assets. So they did not need, nor probably could spare cruisers as deep scouts. The Earth Alliance changed that. Its holdings were not directly threatened and their commanders were more interested in striking back. So they sent cruiser out on fact-finding mission. The Dilgar couldn't spare Carriers, they represented to much of a strike factor in continuing war. The Shalur had no jump drive. By the time it could engage an enemy, scouting vessel, that vessel would have learned too much and could jump away. So they modified an existing hull and made due. They tried to match the basic scout vessel in use and this was the Hyperion.

And so I created the Sturm. The weapons fits are close with total firepower going to the Hyperion but with the Sturm having the range advantage. The Hyperion is overall, better protected but the better fighters on the Sturm mitigate some of that protection.

I hope some of you can do a quick one on one fight with this ship and the Hyperion and let me know.

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