Shalur Class Assault Cruiser

Last updated on 2/19/98

The Shalur was the primary close combat vessel of the Dilgar navy and was thus the most common vessel seen during the Dilgar war. Its primary function was to close with enemy vessels from behind a wave of fighters and finish off those vessels crippled by the fighters. Using its Plasma Torches and its extra power for sustained fire, the Shalur was often the last thing seen by non-maneuvering damaged ships. Without a jump drive system, the Shalur is rarely seen without the company of a carrier or dreadnought. The exception being, blockades or base/planet defensive patrols. Rarer still is the Shalur without the company of a large number of Dilgar fighters.

The Shalur was devastatingly successful in the early days of the Dilgar invasion. League ships, unprepared for fighters in the numbers the Dilgar used and unable or unwilling to work with other League navies provided the Shalur with numerous kills. However, the Shalur's success dropped off dramatically upon entrance of the Earth Alliance navy, whose own fighters and tight command structure meant that the Shalur rarely got clean shots at damaged vessels without first fighting its way through defending forces.


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Essentially, the Shalur was intended as the primary close range combatant of the Dilgar. The fighter rules are in flux but it is quite likely that fighters will loose their ability to destroy capital ships out right and will only be able to destroy out systems and structure. Therefore, the fighter strong Dilgar would need a vessel capable of going in and finishing off the targets. Considering the size of the League, the Dilgar would not want to risk large and expensive carriers or capital ships. Instead, a smaller, purpose built ships would be used. While not quite an attrition unit, itself, the Shalur would be simple to build and repair. No jump drive, a limited electronics/sensor systems and engines based on existing designs which would provide greater thrust for the smaller hull design.

It would be heavily armored and be equipped with the Plasma Torch which when firing in Sustained Mode would quickly wipe out already damaged ships. Hard to hit, quick and maneuverable, the Shalur sacrifices sensor power, as its optimum combat range will usually be well under10 hexes. Alone and without supporting fighters the Shalur is in deep trouble. Itís a knife fighter and should give opposing players quite a dilemma. Stop the fighters it is trailing who are attempting to strip your weapons and maneuvering systems or stop the vessel which has weapons designed to punch big holes in your ship at point blank range.

There has been no play testing of this design. I just don't have the time to do more than this. Give it a try and let me know.

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