THE Dilgar Confederation

Last updated on 2/20/98


The problem with designing a race such as the Dilgar is that they are a defeated nation. By that, I mean that any technology that the Dilgar had which was radically different or potentially better than Earth Alliance's would have been ultimately backwards engineered by Earth Alliance scientists and would even now be equipped aboard current Earth Force vessels. The perfect example is the description of the Starfury in the base rulebook, which states "A design adapted from fighters which the Dilgar employed…." This would seem to preclude creating an entirely new set of weapon systems. The victorious Earth Force would have reproduced anything radically different and useful.

Therefore, the first option would seem to be, use weapons identical to that used by the Earth Alliance at the time of the conflict. Possibly including some slightly updated Fire Control or Damage Potential. But this strikes me as ultimately dissatisfying. Who wants to pilot a vessel, which is yet another modification of a basic design? The reality is that currently the only systems that separate one race from another are its weapon systems (with the obvious deference to the centuries ahead Minbari…who are not in this fight).

Instead, I chose the middle rode. Variations of Earth Alliance weapons which provide enough of a different flavor to existing system without creating a 'if this weapon is so good, why doesn't Earth have it now?' type question. Tell me what you think.

Order of Battle

Considering the quality of the Dilgar fighter (in that elements of its design were used by Earth Alliance to create the highly effective Starfury) I decided to create the Dilgar race as a primarily carrier based force. The ability to mass-produce fighters, coupled with the Deathwing's superior design would have given the Dilgar the ability to attack multiple League Worlds at the same time. Massed fighter strikes could be used against the (thus far) fighter poor League Nations allowing Dilgar capitol vessels to refrain from direct combat. Carrier groups, stopping only to re-supply fighters and not make lengthy repairs would have been able jump from assault to assault, maximizing the effects of their fleet assets. Thus allowing a successful campaign with what must have been an overall smaller fleet when compared to the League as a whole.

Only later, when the Earth Alliance entered the fray did the Dilgar begin to build more direct combat oriented vessels. The Earth Alliance could counter the Dilgar with its own fighters and its ships were better prepared to deal with fighter attacks. So direct combat vessels were needed to counter the Earth forces. Therefore, each of the carrier vessels ultimately had a direct combat version implemented on its basic hull design. The fighting forces of the Dilgar Confederation are listed below:

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