Over the history of Babylon 5 Wars many resources have come and gone. Sometimes it is nice to look back on what came before and what fans and players were designing in days gone by.

Alex Fulton's Gunboats
The forerunners to the light combat vessels designed later on, Alex Fulton's gunboats concept was an interesting twist at the time. Gunboats filled the gap that would later be filled by both super-heavy fighters and light combat vessels.

Rich Bax's Early Years Page
Several years ago Rich Bax created a website dedicated to the EA Early Years, focusing specifically on the EA war against the Dilgar. Rich was one of the first to tackle the Dilgar as a race. Using the Chameleon/Electic RPG The Babylon Project as a guide, Rich began creating the EA and Dilgar forces and technologies for the period. Rich's work on these early Dilgar would eventually find its way into B5 canon:
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 01:15:00 -0500
From: Bruce Graw
Subject: [B5W] Re: Richard Bax

>Mishakur Dreadnought?? That's one of Richard Bax's Dilgar ships from his
>Early Years site... actually his is the Mashakur Dreadnought, but close
>enough. Is AoG planning to uses Rich's designs (which I think would be

THAT'S who it was!

What happened is, I printed out a copy of the Mashakur a long time ago and looked it over carefully, then lost it. For some reason the name stuck in my mind but changed in my head to Mishakur (which sounds better for some reason). I remembered that it used bolters and plasma torches, so I put weapons with those names in the Dilgar War supplement and used the ship name in tribute to the idea. I don't have any idea if the weapons I made resemble the ones on Bax's ships.

Rest assured, Mr. Bax will be credited in the product. --A1
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Alternate Primus
Ryan Lawson's Alternate Primus from October 1998. Every few months the great Primus laser debate begins again and new versions of the Primus are drawn up, criticized, and otherwise created. Most of them then quickly disappear back into obscurity. Ryan Lawson's design shows one concept for a pulse-firing Primus created before the full swing to 2E was completed.